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E9: Everything You Need to Know About GRI’s (General Rate Increases)

George Muha

3pl general rate increase gri's small parcel

In this episode, I discuss everything you need to know about General Rate Increases or GRI’s in the small parcel and less-than-truckload space.  Every 9-11 months, freight carriers announce they will be taking an general rate increase. But in fine print they’ll add “the impact of this general rate increase may vary by specific lane

April 29, 2019

E8: Addiction’s $42B Impact On Business That Your Company Cannot Afford to Ignore

George Muha


In this episode, I interview Don Hebert, Director of Recovery Services at the Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success (CARES). Don shares some shocking statistics about addiction’s impact on business, citing a the fact that the US Surgeon General reports that substance abuse costs the US Economy over $400 billion a year. Don shares

April 22, 2019

E7: Weight & Inspections – What They are Costing You & How to Avoid Them

George Muha

less-than-truckload NMFC W&I's weight & inspections

If you are getting invoiced for extra charges after you ship your products, chances are the freight carriers are likely hitting you with Weight & Inspections.  In this episode, George Muha describes how and why this is happening and how your company can avoid these extra charges starting today. Listen Now Subscribe and listen on

April 15, 2019

E6: Blockchain’s Impact on Logistics and Supply Chain with Paul Tatro

George Muha

blockchain Blockchain Description Blockchain Explanation Blockchain Logistics Business Podcast

In this episode George Muha interviews Paul Tatro founder and creator of Blockchain U Online that offers a 10 module course that certifies participants in the foundations of blockchain. Paul also a #1 best selling author of Blockchain Unchained, The Illustrated Guide to Understanding Blockchain. Paul shares his insights about how blockchain will revolutionize the

April 8, 2019

E5: GA Larson’s Greg Toler Goes from 18 to 53 Distribution Centers

George Muha

Greg Toler GA Larson Podcast Smart Buys Uncategorized Vice President Supply Chain Wholesaler Distribution

Listen to this riveting podcast as George Muha interview’s Gustave A. Larson Company’s Vice President of Supply Chain Greg Toler.  In this episode, Greg describes his amazingly successful career in operations that took him from a professional baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees to going back to school and learning distribution

April 1, 2019

E4: Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing to a 3PL

George Muha

3pl 4pl Business Outsourcing Podcast

In this episode, George Muha interviews Chris Baumann, a lifelong expert in the area of 3rd party logistics outsourcing of warehouse operations. He gives real-world insights on the benefits of outsourcing part or all of the warehouse operations to an outside provider, what kinds of things to look for an in a 3PL, the difference

March 25, 2019

E3: Valuable Amazon Secrets from an E-Commerce Expert

George Muha

Amazon E-commerce Podcast

In this episode George Muha talks with the owner of a medium sized e-tailer who has over 14-years in the e-commerce business. The owner, who chose to be anonymous due to the competitive nature of the online business talks about all of the tricks, tips and hard work that goes into being successful at online

March 18, 2019

E2: How the ELD Mandate is Raising Freight Rates

George Muha


George Muha describes what the ELD mandate is and how it is impacting shippers freight rates. Subscribe and listen on your mobile phone via: iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play

March 11, 2019

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Because freight is overlooked, there are typically lots of cost savings for the picking. Here are some interesting facts for you to sink your teeth into:

% of companies that even have a supply chain strategy
% of increase the new ELD mandate is going to have on freight rates
% more productive companies are when they can collaborate across all departments well
% in cost savings the proper technologies can bring to a freight expense

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