Fuel Price Graph: 2008-2012

by George Muha

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For those of you who tend to be concerned with fuel prices (in other words, all of us), I thought this was a good visual.  Fuel prices have not peaked to the levels of mid 2008 which

is a good thing.  But diesel did

rise 29% from 2010 to 2011.  However, buying viagra in the us the Department of Energy is projecting fuel to remain at 2011 levels through 2012.

Courtesy of the DOE.


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George Muha

George Muha is the founder and editor of Freight Savings Tips and earns his living doing his passion, helping companies optimize logistics. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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About Me

George Muha is the founder and editor of Freight Savings Tips. George is also a consultant with a specialty in helping shippers improve profit gross margins by heavily focusing on supply chain. He has authored articles on best practices and supply chain savings ideas that have been featured and syndicated in over 50 publications.


RFX Inc. January 30, 2012 at 11:00 am

I think there is a definite price hold by our government right now which is making it “easier” for businesses to utilize important resources like fuel.

Joshua Williams March 23, 2012 at 5:52 am

George the last time fuel prices were around $4.00 a gallon a barrel of crude was selling for over $150 dollars. Today it is at $105, so why the difference? The reason is because in 2011 and so far 2012 the US has exported more REFINED oil products that we have imported i.e. Gasoline, Diesel. We still import a lot of crude, but we are now exporting the refined oil to countries like China, Mexico and Brazil. US consumption of oil was at an all time low in the US, but emerging markets have seen a huge increase in oil consumption, so now US consumers are competing in a world market for both Crude Oil and and Refined Oil products. Unlike most other countries in practice the US has no real energy policy that would limit the export of refined goods for strategic and economic reasons, so once again US policy is US citizen punitive, any other country friendly. 

realworldbycj September 16, 2012 at 9:47 pm

The main reason that gas prices have gone up so much in recent years really doesn’t have anything at all to do with the war or anything like it. It all comes down to 3 main things.
1. Taxes have gone up for any company making more than $1,000,000.00 a year, this due to the Obama administration’s idea of “spreading the wealth”. It actually puts a damper on toward what they claim they’re trying to. But that’s a different discussion.
2. Government regulations are just too much! They claim it’s to protect the environment, when actually it’s to appease the environmentalists who complain all the time. They’re slowing forcing us into a completely “green” transition. After the B.P. oil spill in May 2010, Pres. Obama shut down two-thirds of the oil drilling in the gulf. Rather than just quickly capping it off and making B.P. pay the bill. Things like that spill are the result of cutting corners. NOT drilling for oil in general.
Which leads me to the 3rd and final reason.
3. Supply is NOT meeting demand. For some reason the federal gov’t is under the impression that cutting off supply will stop the demand for oil based products.
But is the fed gov’t would just grow a pair and put these environmentalist wack-jobs in their place (the nut house). They’d be doing all of the world and America in general a big favor. Taking away supply only drives prices higher, it doesn’t dissolve the demand. The demand will be there until something else which is more effective and less or equally as expensive is there to take it’s place. Green Tech. is not to that stage yet.

So really, if we would loosen the reins a bit on the economy and let it do what IT does best. We’d be ok. But since we’ve got power hungry gov’t right now. We’re not going to see gas prices or unemployment or prices in general go anywhere but up. Get rid of unnecessary regulations, high taxes, and all other similar things. And things WILL turn around. Historically speaking, the American economy has ALWAYS THRIVED on an economic system of supply vs. demand, with minimal regulation, and low taxation. 17,000,000 jobs were created under the Reagan administration that way during the 80′s. How many long-term good paying jobs has the Obama administration helped in creating?

Really what the gov’t is supposed to do is create conditions by the the PRIVATE SECTOR can then create jobs and bring prices down. As Ronald Reagan said it back in 1980. “We don’t have inflation because the people are living too well! We have inflation because the ‘government’ is living too well!”

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