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Hi, I’m George Muha and welcome to Freight Savings Tips!  I created this podcast to help educate folks about the world of freight and logistics.  Throughout my over 21-years as a logistics and supply chain consultant I learned that so many companies that spent lots of dollars in shipping costs, yet were mystified about this area of their business.  There is a good reason for that because there are too many acronyms than there should be and a ton of little details that can be hard to stay on top of if it is not your day-to-day job.

Things evolve fast in this industry too and technology is putting this industry on turbo-drive so it is becoming harder and harder to stay informed.  So I created this podcast to share ideas, teach concepts and interview experts to help listeners get better and better in this space.

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About George Muha

George Muha

George Muha

What our listeners are saying?

George's podcast simplifies the all aspects of this industry in a fun and humorous way that can educate anyone from an industry novice to seasoned veteran.

Joe Lynch

The Logistics of Logistics

% of companies that even have a supply chain strategy


% of increase the new ELD mandate is going to have on freight rates


% more productive companies are when they can collaborate across all departments well


% in cost savings the proper technologies can bring to a freight expense

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